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Dai Moda is more than just a chic, oh so fab clothing line. It is a way of life. It is the epitome of good and what the rest of the universe should aspire to become. Tried and True. Dai Moda is a 100% eco company. Not only are all of fabrics and dyes earth-friendly, but all of the company’s practices and efforts are as well. The culture of the company is simply pure and giving. To donate time, energy, revenue and efforts to the underprivileged and less fortunate is the heart and soul of the company. Beyond philanthropy, Dai Moda is splendid clothes that is made with the concept of free style and love. Just pure fashion. And absolutely anything goes.All of our products are created and produced “green”.  We are fully SKAL (control union certification) CERTIFIED for organic cotton production.  Beyond the norm of organic cotton, we also offer fabrics made from milk, corn, bamboo, soybean and pearl in the  collection.  All of these fabrics are earth-friendly and/or sustainable to our environment and in most cases, biodegradable.Not only are our fabrics eco, but the dyes we use are vegetable based and our company practices are in some way less stressful on our earth. Of course we recycle, but we also carefully monitor our carbon footprint and package and ship our merchandise eco-mindful.Dai Moda is known for its simplistic comfort and chic design. The softest of softest fabrics from the purest bamboo to the most delicate Italian organic cotton denim is what makes the clothes so wearable. From day to evening….it works.  Everyone looks great in Dai Moda .DAI MODA, eco chic style, true free spirit….with love (for the earth and each other).

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